Who is the Math Geezer?

Webster’s definition of geezer:

1 USinformalhumorous or mildly disparaging an odd, eccentric, or unreasonable person (usually a man)especiallyan old man: an old geezer

It may suggest only that the offender is … a geezer perhaps, too old and set in his ways to know what’s new in the world.— Russell Baker

2Britishinformal a man GUYBLOKE… a 23-year-old from Milton who’s best described as an ordinary geezer, a Glasgow bloke through and through …— Jack McGrinder

OK cool, I am most of the way there. Occasionally unreasonable perhaps, depending on how one defines “reason.” Old, well OK I am there, although I prefer to think of myself as middle-aged or late youth. I do know what is new in the world, although I don’t claim to always like it. I definitely like some of it, which I will share in this blog.

Math, I definitely like. I intend for most of my blog to be in or around math topics, for there is so much cool to know in math. Were I given a thousand lifetimes, I would spend most of them learning cool math stuff. Since I only get the one, I intend to guide the young to as much of it as I can.

You may contact me with ideas or suggestions. I will reward the best ideas with my warm regards always.

You may contact me at spike@mathgeezer.com

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